Split Second

Hooked. Cruising through what we I deemed as the all-time-high moments, the ecstasy of your addiction beguiled me irreversibly. I would wander away, completely having lost track of time, as if on the verge of clinching first place in race championships you desired to be in. While you sat there, jaded and ill at ease,... Continue Reading →


Like a slap on my face that knocks me down when I was expecting a hug, "You're invited" you blurt hastily. What I thought would be an unmistakable display of longing delicately wrapped in carefully chosen words of tenderness and uttered with bespoke affection was everything but. My hopes of you finally expressing your love turned... Continue Reading →


Overwhelmed with ecstasy only you can induce and infected with the contagiousness of your love, my happiness remains manifest and starkly uncontainable. Such next-level euphoria blinds me and I heedlessly...


Dejected and feeling as though I've been ostracised, I helplessly go around in circles, like a novice swimmer who impulsively dived in the deep side of the pool; consciously but with poor foresight. Almost drowning now by the burden of the consequences of the wrong decision, I recklessly plunge...


The inordinately calming wave, oncoming and reclining with increasing infrequency and inconsistent intensity, profoundly mirrors the human emotion; a hazy interlude of certainty and wishful thinking. My feet gradually sink further in the sand -as if to symbolise me dwelling deeper...

Lost & Found

Confused, I look around like a child lost in a new school; struggling to find my way and yearning deeply for home. I look around, like a lost child, striving to find a face familiar to yours to induce the same Captivating feeling of comfort, safety and protection but no one seems to come to... Continue Reading →


These days, everyone just seems to be in a rush. No one has time to talk to one another, spend time together or understand each other. Where everyone is going and what exactly is the end goal they wish to achieve after a vicious cycle of "being busy" no one knows. Myself included. We have... Continue Reading →

The Idea of You

I knew I was adamant but I didn't know to this extent. No matter how much I try, I can't distance myself from these dubious proclivities; hanging over me like your morning dose of nicotine and refusing to dissipate until I Stifle to death. I don't know when your charm, reeling me in like an... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award 2018

I'm absolutely thrilled to have been nominated for the Liebster Award- my first award on WordPress so far- by fellow blogger Shatrunjay Singh. 2018 seems to be a good start for my blog and, with many ideas in mind, I earnestly hope I can work towards constantly improving and advancing my blog! Here are my... Continue Reading →

The Girl I Never Was

Like deafening thunderstorms and vicious cyclones, "he's a wreck", I remind myself. * Barging in uninvited, only to cause irreversible havoc, he was an unadulterated means of destruction.  But, just as the expensive vodka he loved, he was reckless; effortlessly slipping into people's lives, sometimes making their night, but often leaving them dysfunctional for days.... Continue Reading →

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