Lost & Found

Confused, I look around like a child lost in a new school; struggling to find my way and yearning deeply for home. I look around, like a lost child, striving to find a face familiar to yours to induce the same Captivating feeling of comfort, safety and protection but no one seems to come to my aid.

Neglected and torn apart inside, as if a newly sowed plant the caretaker forgot to water, I surmise that even trying would prove helpless and that perhaps I should pack up and head home; the brutality of the outside world simply isn’t meant for me. I’ve been under your shadow for too long, nothing worldly seems to suffice anymore.

Nothing intrigues, nothing suffices. You are all I need. 

Amidst a crowd of people, I look for the sly grin on your face and the air of certainty you come with. In the hustle bustle of our fast paced lives, I lust for a moment with you when all worries fade away and time feels eternal.


It’s getting dark and I still haven’t found the way back.

I wonder how much longer you will take because it’s getting late, and all lost things deserve to be found.

(Photo by Aneta Ivanova on Unsplash)


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