(Fun fact: took this picture just two days before this week’s Rise/Set photo challenge!)

The inordinately calming wave, oncoming and reclining with increasing infrequency and inconsistent intensity, profoundly mirrors the human emotion; a hazy interlude of certainty and wishful thinking.

My feet gradually sink further in the sand -as if to symbolise me dwelling deeper in my illusion of an everlasting life- while the setting sun steals my gaze. Spellbound, I survey the supremacy of the moment and trace the remnants of the rapidly declining brilliance of twilight –Radiant as ever– all while insisting to overlook the stark transience of this life.

Before long, the sun takes away with it all my worries and fears; an appallingly mundane contrast to the vastness of the ocean and the boundless horizon. Deep breath and with eyes closed, I embrace the setting sun and the comfort of another night that it brings.

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