Overwhelmed with ecstasy only you can induce and infected with the contagiousness of your love, my happiness remains manifest and starkly uncontainable. Such next-level euphoria blinds me and I heedlessly submerge deeper into the bliss of ignorance; adamant to believe that absolutely no harm will come my way.

The destructive state of oblivion proves to be far less perennial and its not before long that my trail into darkness turns into a downright coma.  The path of fate I was traipsing along takes a swift turn and the brutal reality catches me deplorably off-guard.

Your comforting words and expressions of love effortlessly washed over by what I dismissed as the unthinkable and the something-you-would-never-do. Your two hour long heartfelt conversations casually outstripped by your excuses and accusations.

I believe the track running between the rugged mountain peaks pictured above is a representation of just that; a highlight –though scant– of how Twisted the devastatingly alluring concept of love is.  Remarkable yet distorted, surprising you with each turn it takes.




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